Unmade are a global fashion SaaS (Software as a Service) company working with some of the most recognisable fashion, lifestyle, and sportswear brands, such as New Balance and Rapha. We believe the fashion industry is at the beginning of a new revolution and our mission is to bring the fashion supply-chain into the 21st century by shifting the industry towards consumer-driven, on-demand production, and away from mass consumption.

What’s it like working at Unmade?

We are building a product to have a lasting positive impact on the world. We care about the work we do, and we are supportive of everyone to do the same.

We foster a culture of collaboration and learning. We value learning from each other and sharing what we do - no one is unapproachable, and everyone’s voice matters. We invest time to build and maintain healthy relationships with one another.

We are transparent in everything we do, and share both our successes and our failures. We’re comfortable that even if things don’t always go as planned, we are all doing our best.

Our values

We are greater than the sum of our parts.
You act for the good of the group before your own. You show passion for what we do and why we’re doing it. You share openly, broadly, and deliberately. You take time out with the team. You call out and celebrate our achievements.

We make a positive difference.

You identify your boundaries, and push them. You go out of your way to help others because nothing is not your problem. You give, ask for, and embrace candid feedback. You celebrate diversity and do your bit to be inclusive of everyone. You take action to reduce your impact on the planet.

We strive for a better solution.

You challenge the status quo. You take smart risks to solve a problem. You make decisions quickly instead of waiting for the perfect answer. You radiate intent, and then turn those intentions into actions.

We embrace change.

You search for the best ideas with an open mind. You experiment willingly. You welcome error as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We assume best intent.

You reflect before reacting. You hold others to account but never assign blame. You truly believe that everyone - from customers, colleagues, visitors and factory workers, to delivery drivers, interns, cleaners and managers - is doing the best they can, with the knowledge, abilities and resources they have at the time.

  • 25 days of annual leave (plus bank holidays) and the option to "buy" an extra 5 days

  • Central London (Clerkenwell) Office next to Exmouth Market (once we go back to having an Office!)

  • 2 days of paid leave to volunteer for charity

  • Individual budget for personal development

  • Your choice of hardware and software

  • Sanctus mental health coaching

  • Team Member


    “ I was really impressed by how open everyone I interviewed with was about the issues that they faced. This gave me lots of confidence that they would be good people to work with. ”

  • Team Member


    “ I love that I was trusted to perform well despite being a new starter. I also like how willing people are to share knowledge, there is no sense of competitiveness. ”

  • Team Member


    “ The team are great, everyone is super approachable so it's just like working with a bunch of friends. On a personal level, I trust the people I work with. ”